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ALOHA - The joyful sharing of life force energy in the present

Ka Huna Bodywork

- An experience for your whole being -
Do you want to feel better in your body and soul?

Ka Huna Bodywork is more than a massage, it is an amazing experience. It enlivens your body, honours your soul, opens your heart and helps to restore balance and harmony within. It is beautiful to watch, amazing to receive, a sacred honour to give and helps healing take place quickly and completely.Everyone and every-body can receive Ka Huna bodywork. It is deeply relaxing and restorative and will help you to feel more balance and at ease. The practitioner is using long, rhythmical flowing strokes mostly using forearms and elbows with various pressure. A big part of this Hawaiian style massage is the under body work, which is deeply nourishing. This is when the practitioner uses their hands and forearms in between the clients body and the table. Kahuna bodywork is wonderful for a sore and tired body but it also makes wonders for your emotions and your mind. It assists you in slowing down so that you can look at what is really going on within. In a session Annica works on the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your being as they are all connected. It can be quite a spiritual experience and a Ka Huna massage therapist always works with loving intention and Aloha - the joyful sharing of life force energy in the present.

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Annica Malmkvist

Annica is from Sweden and has lived in Brisbane, Australia since 2005. She started her Ka Huna massage training and deeper spiritual journey in 2007. KaHuna Bodywork has had a profound impact on her life and her own healing. One of Annica’s goals is to spread this healing art of Aloha to as many souls as she can, for it is a truly amazing massage. To book a session simply go to the contacts section.
Annica is trained at High Sprits retreat – Mette’s institute for Kahuna bodywork and personal development level 6, 2010 Kin Kin, Queensland, Australia. She also completed level 1 Heartworks Lomi Lomi in 2015.

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